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Digging Out of the Snow in 1921

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By Margaret Gurowitz
Feb 01, 2011

As we start to celebrate our 125th anniversary year at Johnson & Johnson, our hometown of New Brunswick, New Jersey has been digging out of record amounts of snowfall – as have many other areas this winter.

Ninety years ago: clearing away snow at Johnson & Johnson.

Here’s a look back at Johnson & Johnson on February 21, 1921, the day after a huge snowstorm. One employee is digging a path through the snow, while another employee stands waist-deep in a snowdrift.  The Cotton Mill is the large building on the left, and the Company’s offices and a storage building are on the right.  The Power House, which today houses our museum and archives, can be seen in the background.  The year 1921 marks another milestone in Johnson & Johnson history:  during 1920, an employee in our Cotton Mill invented BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages; they went on the market in 1921.

UPDATE: Many thanks to the alert Kilmer House reader who noticed that the snowstorm photo is actually dated 1921...not 1920.  I've updated the post to reflect that!  Even bloggers get overwhelmed by the winter occasionally!

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FEBRUARY 08, 2011 05:20 PM

In reply to by Rebecca De Luca

Hi Rebecca,

Our Museum is in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. It''s mostly open to employees at this point, but we do give a limited number of tours for members of the public.


FEBRUARY 10, 2011 01:32 AM

In reply to by Margaret

I'm an employee and would love to tour the museum, do I need to do any special arrangements? Where exactly in New Brunswick is it located?

FEBRUARY 10, 2011 02:43 PM

In reply to by Claudio

Hi Claudio,

The Museum is located on the Johnson & Johnson corporate campus in New Brunswick. I'm not sure where you're located, but we will be happy to arrange a tour for you when you are in New Brunswick. The tours are by appointment, so the best way to let us know would be to send me an email through the blog's mailbox: [email protected].