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130 Years Ago: James Wood Johnson Arrives in New Brunswick!

Margaret on January 29th, 2016 at 4:12PM

It’s a cold January day in 1886, exactly 130 years ago. James Wood Johnson, one of the founders of Johnson & Johnson, is on a train heading from New York to Philadelphia. Early in 1885,  Johnson and his brothers Robert … Continue reading


Some of Our Earliest Employees Share Their Stories

Margaret on November 6th, 2015 at 5:12PM

Readers who appreciate the long history of Johnson & Johnson might be tempted to wish they could go back in time to hear stories from our earliest employees. Although it seems like an impossible task, there actually is a way … Continue reading

We think of multi-language advertising as a modern phenomenon, but in fact at some companies it goes back decades – sometimes more than a century.   More than 100 years ago, Johnson & Johnson had an in-house Spanish-language advertising department that … Continue reading


Nursing History at Johnson & Johnson

Margaret on May 6th, 2015 at 8:05PM

Support for nursing is a fundamental part of the history of Johnson & Johnson.  Its roots go back to the founding of the company, and to the beginnings of modern nursing itself. Nurses are featured in the first paragraph of … Continue reading

Giving back to the community is one of the oldest traditions at Johnson & Johnson.  It began in the company’s hometown of New Brunswick, New Jersey, and spread throughout the world as Johnson & Johnson expanded globally.  Our earliest records … Continue reading

This week, as part of United Nations General Assembly Week in New York, Johnson & Johnson is participating in discussions about the U.N. Millennium Development Goals and the Company’s progress in its five year commitment to goals four, five and … Continue reading

The countless female scientists in the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies across the world are examples of the pioneering work that women in science do every day.  With so many necessary efforts underway to encourage girls and young women … Continue reading

Johnson & Johnson has just launched a new global giving platform called Care Grows.  Care Grows is a website that allows visitors to pick causes that are close to their hearts and donate to them, and Johnson & Johnson will … Continue reading


Johnson & Johnson and The Adventures of Robin Hood

Margaret on October 4th, 2013 at 6:46PM

Commercial television made its debut in 1939 as one of the innovations at the 1939 World’s Fair.  The fair’s opening was televised, complete with a speech by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt — the first U.S. President to appear on television.  … Continue reading

A recent column commemorating Sir Joseph Lister’s April 5th birthday opened with this startling statement:  “Joseph Lister, who was born this week (April 5) in 1827, was an amazing physician but a poor salesman.”  [“Lister’s Life Saving Discovery, by Bruce … Continue reading

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